Graphic: US Intelligence Budget Visualized — All Collection and Overhead, Almost No Processing and Analysis

Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Corruption
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Phi Beta Iota: The attribution of all CIA funds to collection is mis-leading. A great deal of CIA’s money goes toward the 2,000 person global drone assassination program that has a 98% collateral damage (innocent civilians) kill ratio, and a lot of it probably also goes to subsidize foreign intelligence services and international media organizations that then lie to us or tell lies on our behalf. Regime change operations and failed paramilitary training and supply operations are in there as well. The vast bulk of CIA “collection” consists of hand-outs from foreign liaison that are generally lies or mis-representation, and legal traveler debriefings done in the USA by the National Collection Division or whatever this administrative shop of non-hackers is called now-a-days. On balance CIA is no longer capable of doing more than a few world-class unilateral clandestine operations and tactical technical collection operations a year.

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