Michael Kearns: Sea Farming

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Michael S. Kearns
Michael S. Kearns

HuffPost Facebook Video: 3D Underwater Farming Could be the Future of Food

Two comments of note:

Rocky RS Oceans have fed us for centuries, and we have wiped out enormous amounts of creatures of the sea. This is a structured way to give back and harvest in a responsible way that can create jobs, food, a way of life, and preserve aquatic wildlife. We should all convince restaurants and grocers to source products made from sources like this. Its using what already exists in nature without polluting it

Matt Weaver That’s what we have been talking about for 25 years…finally good to see the press let people know. Also deep water polycultural sea farms. Native species – program for school children to work with commercial fisherman to grow fry, seed spawn, etc. to SEED the Ocean versus corralled animals with aquaculture. Zero hormones, zero disease, zero, infrastructure, zero Monsanto feed.

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