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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

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‘Dilbert’ Creator’s 6 Reasons Why Trump Will “Win In A Landslide” In November

Scott Adams – creator of the infamous Dilbert cartoons – believes Donald Trump will win the presidency in a landslide. Trump’s “meticulously plotted domination,” as Adams explains to The Washington Post, stems from his running on our emotions and sly appeals to our own human irrationality. as the following six points make clear, Adams views Trump as “a master persuader” who will rhetorically dismantle Clinton’s candidacy next.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is the tongue in cheek version but there is a great deal of inherent sensibility in these six talking points. Trump has challenged three core aspects of Empire: the rigged two-party tyranny system, the banking debt scam, and the military-industrial scam. If he does not get assassinated AND he rapidly integrates Truth & Reconciliation with a Sunshine Cabinet and Balanced Budget, he could be an epic president that heals and restores America. “Anyone but Hillary” combined with a massive shift of black voters waking up to the reality that the Clintons put them all in jail, and commitment to full employment including legal Latinos, should help take Trump all the way.

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