Stephen E. Arnold: Advertising Revenue Collapsing, Will Google Collapse Also?

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Dissing the GOOG: After 15 Years, the Halo Tarnishes

From my perspective, the search giant turned Leonardo can envision with the best mankind has offered. The challenge seems to be finding a way to keep the online advertising machine pumping money.

I read “Is the Online Advertising Bubble Finally Starting to Pop?” This is an interesting question. The write up presents some data which make clear that Google is generating less revenue per click than it did in 2014. I looked at a chart which shows a decline in the “cost of ad space per dollar of revenue.

If the data are accurate, erosion of Google’s ad revenue is now a problem for Google to solve. The write up opined:

We estimate that the online advertising market has been artificially inflated since the end of 2013, and is much more mature than its pundits are claiming. 90% of Google’s revenues come from advertising. We expect Alphabet’s share price to go down by 75%…

The article concludes with a list of other sources which suggest that Google’s ad revenue is “crumbling to the ground.”

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Phi Beta Iota: Google was established on the basis of an idea (citation analytics) taken from Eugene Garfield, founder of the Institute of Scientific Information); the theft of Yahoo’s search engine for which Google subsequently paid $1 billion as a quit claim fee; CIA funding and special support; and the closure of Alta Vista by HP, one of the dumbest of many dumb decisions by HP management over the years. Today we still do not have tools for information sharing and sense-making across all boundaries; we still do not have a semblance of a World Brain; and most computer products are toxic in the extreme (known as the “human cost of computing” and including hundreds of thousands of dead Chinese from Class A carcinogenics). In all this Google has done some wonderful things but ultimately failed for lack of holistic integrity. Like Microsoft before it, Google chose not to focus on creating information value, only fleeting transaction value, and like Microsoft before it, Google refused to be serious about open source.

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