Stephen E. Arnold: AI Is Stupid — Microsoft Says So….

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Microsoft Says That AI Is Stupid

I know there is a difference among:

  • What senior managers believe about their minions’ innovations
  • What marketers say about the technology the engineer wizards are crafting in the innovation microwave
  • What “real” journalists angling for a job with some tailwind write
  • What the reality of an innovation is, right now.

But these differences are essentially irrelevant. We are in the era of IBM Watson, Facebook-Google investing in smart software, and big universities doing cartwheels for research which raised nary en eyebrow 18 months ago.

Navigate to “Microsoft Research Chief: AI Is Still Too Stupid to Wipe Us Out (and Will Be for Decades).” I am okay with the notion that smart software is becoming more important. From my vantage point in rural Kentucky, I am aware of the marketing money available to those who would shill smart software. I know about the cash lust of venture outfits who are in search of the next big thing. I am aware that smart software works reasonably well when applied to advertising and Amazon-style recommendations.

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