Stephen E. Arnold: French “Hear and Know” Tracking Capability Coming to the USA…

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Listen Up. Hear and Know Enables Information Access in an Innovative Way

On this trip to Paris I was going to learn about a company with technology that performed some GPS type functions without GPS. In addition to tracking hardware and firmware, the company called Hear and Know has a database system which sends out emails and SMS alerts to inform the team tracking  an object of interest  exactly where that said object is in real time. Based on my concerns about the precision of GPS centric systems, I wanted to understand the Hear and Know approach. (Yes, “hear” refers to the company’s approach to capturing audio.) Instead of search, the company Hear and Know developed systems and methods to have information flow directly to a person who needs to know who, what, where, and when events take place. This is practical, real time, and actionable information. None of that keyword search and fuzzy geo-location implementation.

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