Worth a Look: Regenerative Cities in China

Design, Economics/True Cost, Governance, Innovation, Resilience

Free Download [PDF 48 Pages]
Free Download [PDF 48 Pages]
A new type of urbanization is needed. One that reflects a different type of development, also known as the New Normal which is currently gaining widespread support throughout China. The New Normal understands the substantial changes affecting China (namely a decline in the availability of inexpensive land and cheap labour, slower economic growth and, above all, increasingly exacerbating environmental distresses) and responds by promoting a new kind of people-centred development that favours slower economic growth, people well-being, innovation, domestic market development and that is particularly devoted to environmental protection and sustainability.

Free Download [PDF 48 Pages]

Phi Beta Iota: It merits comment that China has a number of ghost cities, fully built largely uninhabited cities, that could accommodate tens of millions of refugees. The day may come when China chooses to import people as part of its symbiotic relationship that is emerging with the Southern Hemisphere.

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