Carole Cadwalladr: Stewart Brand

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Carole Cadwalladr
Carole Cadwalladr

Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog, the book that changed the world

Stewart Brand was at the heart of 60s counterculture and is now widely revered as the tech visionary whose book anticipated the web. We meet the man for whom big ideas are a way of life

“We are as gods and might as well get good at it,” wrote Brand on the title page of the Whole Earth Catalog. Up until now, he noted, power has been in the hands of “government, big business, formal education, church”. But now “a realm of intimate, personal power is developing – power of the individual to conduct his own education, find his own inspiration, shape his own environment and share his adventure with whoever is interested. Tools that aid this process are sought and promoted by the Whole Earth Catalog.”

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