Marcin Jakubowski: Open Source Plastic Recycling Possibilities

Earth Intelligence

OSE MarcinPellets can be made on a small scale – with so much plastic around. I think the most effective scale is that of every town – any recycling department should be making plastic wares. Dave Hakkens, our friend, does this. See the shredder.

3d glazed plasticSolar Power is in our  plan with our Solar Powered Materials Production Facility – to produce brick, lumber, insulation, concrete, glazing, paint – rolling out in 2017, and Kickstarting in a week. Glazing is the plastic – though plumbing and composite lumber are part of the deal. Plastic recycling is in the works for the Open Building Institute that we are starting – where the first practical implementation is 3D printing multiwall polycarbonate greenhouse glazing – almost for free from, for examply – recycled CDs. Learn more.  Making wood-plastic lumber, tubing, and sheet is part of our plan.

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