Stephen E. Arnold: Stepes – Human Translation at Your Fingertips

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Stepes: Human Translation at Your Fingertips

Though today’s machine translation is a convenient way to quickly get the gist of a foreign-language passage, it has its limitations; professionals still turn to human translation services when it counts. A new platform, Stepes Translate, can bridge the gap (at least until algorithms catch up). Its chat-based format makes it as convenient as machine translation, but there is an actual, multi-lingual human at the other end. BusinessWire reports, “Stepes Extends Google Translate Model to Live Human Translation.” The press release explains:

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Phi Beta Iota: This is important and helpful but it is also an example of doing the wrong things righter.  The right thing is multi-lingual research teams — indigenous subject-matter experts who cross all boundaries and leverage all sources to produce truly all-source education, intelligence, and research. Still, a superb addition, and highly recommended.

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