CounterPunch: Admiral Fabuloso: Hillary [Clinton], Syria and the Destructive Career of James G. Stavridis

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counterpunch squareAdmiral Fabuloso: Hillary, Syria and the Destructive Career of James G. Stavridis

Hillary Clinton meanwhile is reportedly pondering the selection of  retired Admiral James G. Stavridis, a former Rumsfeld lickspittle who helped destroy Libya and thinks it would be a fine idea to hook up with Al Qaeda in Syria.  Clinton’s putative defense secretary, Michelle Flournoy, herself an ardent proponent of escalation in Syria and elsewhere, acclaims him as “one of the finest military officers of his generation.”

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Phi Beta Iota: Michelle Flournoy is an over-age intern with a wandering eye who is absolutely brain-dead. Admiral Stavridis has made some very big mistakes, but on balance we rate him more highly than CounterPunch, in part because he alone among all US seniors finally “got” what he called “open source security” in relation to the impossibility of NATO’s mission and potential for success.

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