Donald Trump: Let’s Piss Off Everyone!

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God Bless Donald Trump. Some of us saw his potential as early as July 2015 (he announced in June 2015) but Trump has been his own worst enemy with a second-rate staff. His gifts have helped him prevail and there is no question but that he will beat Hillary Clinton in the November election if he can “make the deal” with Bernie Sanders and if Paul Manafort can recruit an A Team and go for the 70% that are disenfranchised. What Trump may not be able to accomplish if he does not grow very fast, is the restoration of integrity to governance — this demands that he be less self-centered and more focused on restoring integrity to the process, to include breaking the back of the two-party tyranny in Congress, and enabling the election of Constitution, Green, Independent, Libertarian, Reform, and Working Families Members, among others.

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