Robert Parry — NYT — and Bellingcat — Lack Integrity with Fraudulent Anti-Russian “Analysis”

Robert Parry
Robert Parry

Will NYT Retract Latest Anti-Russian ‘Fraud’?

In a fresh embarrassment for The New York Times, a photographic forensic expert has debunked a new amateurish, anti-Russian analysis of satellite photos related to the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014, labeling the work “a fraud.”   . . .   But Kramer and the Times left out that the earlier Bellingcat analysis was thoroughly torn apart by photo-forensic experts including Dr. Neal Krawetz, founder of the FotoForensics digital image analytical tool that Bellingcat had used. Over the past week, Bellingcat has been aggressively pushing the new analysis by, with which Bellingcat has close relationships.

Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: Bellingcat as well as the NYT lack integrity and are in no way representative of what properly done Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can do. As I have pointed out over several decades, anything “broadcast” to large generic groups is at best open source information (OSIF), not OSINT. They have become pimps for the party line, dabblers unable to cast a wide net or stick to the truth. The NYT (and other mainstream papers) are a disgrace to the profession of journalism, totally bought and paid for. I look forward to the emergence of a functional World Brain where blockchain integrity can  be applied to raw data, intermediate information, and where useful, tailored public intelligence.

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