Faded Rose: Eric Zuesse on American Samizdat – US Media Treason

Corruption, Media

faded roseAmerican Samizdat – Publication Forbidden in the US (I)

Eric ZUESSE | 21.07.2016 | Strategic Culture

The entire press that hires ‘reporters’ in America is involved in hiding instead of reporting the really important news, the news that implicates the news media themselves in a selective system-wide operation of news-suppression, alongside their selective system-wide operation of ‘news’-reporting: reported ‘news’ that’s stripped of the real news – stripped of the crucial facts that enable the public to understand public affairs.

American Samizdat – Publication Forbidden in the US (II)

Eric ZUESSE | 22.07.2016 | Strategic Culture

I think the reason why the essential truths are not reported to the public isn’t that journalists and their editors don’t know those facts but instead that the owners would fire and blackball any reporters and editors and producers who enabled the public to know those facts – it’s simply forbidden, though there’s no published rule forbidding it.

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