Robert Steele: Yes, Dallas is a False Flag… UPDATE 2: More False Flag Commentaries

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

UPDATE 2: Did Someone Shoot Up Downtown Dallas To Push “The Agenda”?

The rally of thousands of protesters was peaceful. The actual protesters did nothing wrong. Could it be possible that clandestine (or not so clandestine) forces shot up the rally to create the calamity?

Remember COINTELPRO and how the government dismantled groups like the Black Panthers? If you don’t, look it up. The police were known to shoot up gangs drive-by style and cause gangs to fight each other. For example, they would arrest somebody and then drop him off in a rival hood and make it look like he was working with the cops. In places like Ferguson, it was KNOWN that police and others would cause drama at otherwise peaceful protests so that the peaceful protesters would seem animal-like and lawless.

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UPDATE 1: BLM Leader Suggests Dallas a False Flag

A prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter community took to Twitter on Friday morning to voice doubts about the previous night's mass shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas. On Friday afternoon, activist Johnetta Elzie suggested the massacre was intended to turn opinion against peaceful protesters. “I will not let go of the fact that I know cointelpro exists,” Elzie tweeted, echoing other users who have expressed suspicion over details of the shooting. “From my experience, whenever public opinion shifts to strongly support the movement an act of violence against the police happens,” she also suggested.

Phi Beta Iota: Exactly right. As Randy Short told PressTV (linked in our original post), no black stands to gain from this insanity. We believe that the single shooter is an MKULTRA mind-control patsy or a contracter crisis actor. Nobody died. We are being played…again.

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Proof that the Dallas Shooting Is a False Flag Event (Dave Hodges)

We are not going to spend time on Dallas, an obvious false flag.  Here is what one world-class author and analyst observing from Europe says:

I heard reporters on several channels say the police had shot him, while others said the cops sent in a robot with a bomb. If they had shot him, there would be a body. A bomb eliminates the need to show a body. And, as you say, he would hardly sit still for a robot/bomb — and could easily have shot the robot out of commission.  Also, I saw no video evidence of cops bodies.  It would be interesting to see what they meant by “a bomb”. He was not sitting on the ground floor waiting for it. If he was up high in the building how could they send in a bomb? Maybe a mini-drone? The story is filled with bullshit.

Four immediate references:

The updated chapter on Orlando now documents 70 anomalies with 166 endnotes and includes a copy of my letter to the Director of the FBI as an appendex. Director Comey lied to Congress under oath; he should be impeached for that and for gross negligence in not going after the Clinton Foundation for wire and solicitation fraud as well as both Bill and Hillary Clinton being undeclared agents of foreign powers.

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