Marcus Aurelius: US Army Unfit, Vulnerable to Electronic Shut-Down, and More…

Ineptitude, Military
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Back to basics: Army dials up traditional soldiering once again

Capt. Ronald Fletcher has met an officer candidate who couldn’t find north on a compass, a sergeant who couldn’t complete an inventory of equipment, and “far too many soldiers who couldn’t fire a weapon straight, let alone understand how the weapon functions.”

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Today, more than 2,700 pieces of equipment in a brigade combat team run off GPS or satellite communications.   . . .   But what happens if those systems fail? Or if the enemy launches an invasive and effective cyber or electronic warfare attack?  Could you find your way to your forward operating base with just a map and a compass? Could you communicate with your squad if your radios stop working? How about effectively and lethally running your weapon systems or combat vehicles?


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