Graphic: Trump Coin – Loser / Quitter

Cultural Intelligence
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Image Credit (Less Red): Long-Stanton Manufacturing

Phi Beta Iota: The master post is Michael Moore has part of the answer, we have the rest. Taking a deliberate dive that destroys the Republican Party and betrays all those Americans who rallied to what turned out to be a all posture with no grit.

RICHARD WRIGHT @ LinkedIn: My thinking is that the Donald continues to be first and foremost a con man. His Presidential Scam is his most ambitious scam yet, probably netting him a good deal of money from the Secretary Clinton and her minions. That said, I also think that any who thinks that if only Trump were to win it would bring jobs, “Make America Great Again” and generally bring on the millennium is delusional. As President he would undoubtedly use the “highest office in the land” to further enrich himself.

ROBERT STEELE @ LinkedIn: I never, ever, thought I would see the day when someone like Trump could make someone like Clinton look like a safer choice. Rothschilds are getting their money’s worth, the man is a genius, sadly applying his talents to the easy skim instead of the deeper reforms he was capable of leading.