James Tracy: Hillary Clinton is ILL –This is SERIOUS — In Hiding? Wearing a Medical Device?

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James Tracy
James Tracy

Below is a very compelling 18 minute video. It includes evidence of person in constant attendance of Hillary Clinton who is always carrying a spring-loaded drug injector, he stands between Secret Service and Hillary Clinton. He may be a doctor specializing in seizures and epilepsy. She cannot walk up stairs, cannot walk a single block unassisted, cannot stand upright without assistance, and appears to also be wearing a medical device under a overcoat (in August in Nantucket) as well as evidence that she is wearing a catheter tube that drains to a bag on her right leg. She certainly has blood clot issues, is taking very dangerous blood-thinning drugs, and may be at risk of imminent death.

James Trace Continued: Hillary Clinton's health issues are now a “conspiracy theory” according to mainstream media. In fact it is mainstream media that is struggling to deal with the facts. Just today, CNN specifically challenged Donald Trump's health while labeling questions about Hillary Clinton's health to be “conspiracy theories.” Here are the facts (from the below link):

Hillary Clinton is 68 years old. She’s been diagnosed with cerebral venous thrombosis; head trauma, pregnancy, cancer, brain infection, autoimmune diseases and inborn clotting abnormalities are all predisposing factors, per The Washington Post. She’s currently taking blood thinners. Four years ago, Clinton fainted, hit her head and suffered a concussion.


Questioning Hillary’s Health is Not Conspiracy Theory

Phi Beta Iota: Video ends with commentary on association between Hillary Clinton, George Soros, fake Sandy Hook victims, and the gun control agenda of the elite and the Obama Administration. We consider this video to be authentic and worthy of careful consideration. It has been established beyond reasonable doubt that Sandy Hook and Orlando are false flag attacks intended to continue the climate of fear and advance the gun control agenda (they are also budget building exercises for DHS, FEMA, and the FBI).

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