Anthony Judge: Facism as Superficial Intercultural Extremism

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Facism as Superficial Intercultural Extremism

burkha, toplessness, sunglasses, beards, and flu masks

Partially amended (September 2016) in the light of current media coverage of French preoccupation with the iconic bare-breasted Marianne — symbol of the French Republic. This bares comparison with the recent preoccupation in the USA with the erection in a number of cities of statues of the Republican presidential nominee — Donald Trump — bare-assed. Both cases are indicative of emerging forms of national psychosis in a period of so-called “post-truth politics” marked by bare-faced lying by the highest authorities

Extremes of bodily representation of identity
Facialization of identity — enabling engagement with the soul?
Identification imperative
Confusions relating to facism
Face negotiation and loss of face
Requisite variety to encompass multidimensional identity (Annex A)
Collapsing the space of sustainable dialogue
Challenges to facist identity and identification (Annex B)
Possible covert agendas of facism: encoding the Great Games
Mono-sensorial vs poly-sensorial identity | Discrimination against the sight-challenged
Discrimination against the facially-challenged | Discrimination against the traumatized
Premature closure regarding the meaning of identity | Problematic history of dress codes
Passing conventions of fashion vs. fundamental, enduring cultural values
Quantitative measures of appropriate exposure
Faces of Citizens vs Fasces of the State: a legislative dilemma?
Justice and the burkha
Burkha as metaphorical mirror for imperious culture? (Annex C )
Mirroring facelessness of citizens in governance of democratic societies
Mirroring covert strategies, cover-up and denial
Mirroring constraints on choice in a consumer society
Mirroring full-body cognitive imprisonment
Mirroring uncertainty, the unknown and the unconscious
Mirroring the threat of confrontation with death
Mirroring capacity of future response to extraterrestrials and otherness

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