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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: Most of this stuff is not worth the time it takes to find it, install it, learn to use it and worst of all, feed it — we collect at best 20% of the relevant information, and we spill 99% of that in not processing it. We are still retarded across the board, despite spending $1.2 trillion dollars on “intelligence” since Diane Webb and others designed Computer-Aided Tools for the Analysis of Science & Technology (CATALYST) because there is no one in the USA that I know of who actually cares about producing decision-support at every level across all domains. An open source all-source analytic tool-kit, and an open source secure but not secret cloud where information can be shared in all languages and all mediums, tagged to geospatial locations with precision, is fundamental. No one has this.  Spare me the nonsense from NGA, they cannot even provide updated 1:50,000 combat charts for African villages showing new (and destroyed) cultural artifacts at the same time that no one has access to real human beings, in part because of CIA's totally inappropriate prohibition of Active OSINT.

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