Did Clinton Have a Stroke? Will Biden Replace Her? Game Plan for Biden Winning by Championing Reform & Engaging Main Street

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Clinton’s Body Double – $10K Per Appearance

UPDATE: Former DNC chairman calls for Clinton contingency plan (Politico)

UPDATE: Will Hillary Clinton Drop Out? How Joe Biden Could Become The Next Democratic President (International Business Times)

Phi Beta Iota: The media could not be more worthless. Clinton is not suffering from pneumonia, all video and historical evidence points to a severe stroke, rapid use of a body double that gets $10K a gig (the two tell-tales quickly spotted are her being fifty pounds lighter and Secret Service keeping everyone at a greater distance), and frantic planning now underway for her departure from the race. Under established protocols, this also takes the named VP out of the picture.  Joe Biden is the most likely alternative to be named, Biden will probably choose Elizabeth Warren but we personally favor Cynthia McKinney for VP with Elizabeth Warren going to Treasury. Joe Biden alone cannot beat Donald Trump. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren may beat Donald Trump if the electronic fraud used by Clinton against Sanders is also used. The best outcome would be Joe Biden creating a We Ticket to run against the Me Me Me Ticket. It is very unlikely that Joe Biden will do this, so we believe Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America.

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Hillary Clinton has had a stroke — she is not suffering from pneumonia and her body double is easily spotted by the combination of 50 pounds less weight and the greater distance she keeps from the public she is being shown off to. The DNC is in an emergency session — Joe Biden will probably be the new nominee and pick his own VP. As I have suggested for some time, Donald Trump is certain to win UNLESS Joe Biden will listen to a former Jesuit altar boy and embrace the idea that at this point in time and space, God wants him to clean up the two-party tyranny and restore evidence-based honest governance to the USA.

Clinton Collapses, Biden in Line

Can Joe Biden Win with a We Team Against the Big Me of Donald Trump?

Robert David Steele


Let’s start with the FACT  that 70% of all eligible voters have been disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny – anyone who is serious about running for President should be focused on this FACT.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Joe Biden is conflicted. He loves the Democratic Party that has nurtured him over a lifetime of public service, and he sees it self-destructing – a vicious dumpy selfish woman who has shared power with the man who legalized modern global financial crime by Wall Street, ultimately destroying the US and several other economies – and a bloated old fart full of platitudes who will never, ever, win the Asian, Black, or Latino votes, and who is incapable of getting any legislation passed.

Joe Biden is also a member in good standing of the two-party tyranny  at a time when half the eligible voters have chosen not to vote, and an over-lapping sixty percent of all eligible voters are very angry at the two-party tyranny. Two-party tyranny is a term put in vogue by Theresa Amato, a former aide to Ralph Nader, in her book, GRAND ILLUSION: The Myth of Voter Choice in a  Two-Party  Tyranny.[1]

Both challenges can be addressed by adopting the game plan outlined below, aggregated from thousands of activists and citizens spanning all parties (all eight of the accredited parties – Constitution, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, Republican, and Socialist) and all Independent and No Party Preference (NPP) voters.

If the Democratic Party wants to win the White House it has to make two grand bargains:

First, leveraging the Republican majorities in Congress but marshalling the existing Democrats, introduce and pass the Electoral Reform Act of 2016. The leadership of the Republican Party must be helped to understand that the days of a two-party tyranny are over, the public is angry at all parties, and wants the restoration of constituent-driven voting on the Hill. The Electoral Reform Act of 2016 will most likely result in the election of ten or more Libertarian Members and perhaps a Constitution Member as well as an equal number of Green Members and a Reform or Working Families Member. End the two-party tyranny, broaden the mix, and give democracy a chance!

Second, in the aftermath of the passage of an Electoral Reform Act of 2016, the Democratic Party must support the presidential candidate in the selection of a coalition cabinet and the publication of a balanced budget, and support the candidate in challenging the Republican candidate – and the Independent candidate is there is one – to do the same. Joe Biden can win on substance if the party will get out of the way. Imposing a party platform, a party Cabinet, and party promises to donors on the presidential candidate will doom the candidacy.


America is unhinged – from Griftopia[2] to Double Government,[3] all the checks and balances are gone. A two-party duopoly that has rejected – nine times – national legislation to assure electoral integrity and open the ballot to independents and small parties, at least for federal offices – is the enabling factor.[4]  A country whose institutions – from academia to labor unions to the media to religions – refused to challenge 935 lies[5] leading to an elective and ruinous war on Iraq, is now also near cultural, economic, and social ruin. The unemployment rate is 23%, not 5% (U1) or 10% (U6), but our institutions – particularly Forbes and MSNBC as well as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and others, refuse to get real.

Politically, the two-party tyranny has anointed Jeb Bush on the right and Hillary Clinton the left – both representing dynasties too easily connected to drugs and money, while suffering the bluster of Donald Trump and the platitudes of Bernie Sanders. This is the context in which Joe Biden could distinguish himself.  As Donald Trump and Ted Cruz self-destruct, and Hillary Clinton faces the real prospect of being indicted for misbehavior far greater than that of General David Patraeus, the way is open for a balanced relatively uncontroversial person.

If Joe Biden can stand out from the crowd of clowns he is facing now, ideally with announcements along the below lines made as soon as possible, he will become the instant best alternative to both the extremists on the right and the criminals on the left. Absent a broader initiative championing electoral reform and ideally also state rights, there can be no question about the wisdom of Tom Friedman’s declaration, that none of the existing candidates is attractive.[6] Joe Biden can and get into this race.

Fully 60% of all Americans hold the two-party duopoly in disdain and believe an alternative is needed.[7] HOWEVER, to set the stage for a decisive victory, Joe Biden must work with the GOP Members to introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, and then devise a “grand bargain” with Independents and the small parties, particularly the Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Working Families parties. This has the advantage of allowing him to immediately put Senators Ted Cruz and Mario Rubio and Bernie Sanders on the spot, challenging them to sponsor the Act.

To win in 2016 Joe Biden must devise a coalition committed to restoring integrity to the electoral process.  As long as Congress is in the grip of a two-party duopoly, where Members no longer write or read legislation, whose votes are sold in bloc form to combinations of 40+ billionaires,[8]any President, however well-intentioned, will be very weak. There are 20-30 seats being vacated – create the swing vote, and end “party line” voting going forward, or lose. This would actually be a win-win for the Republicans in that it would enable the right to expand its base in Congress with Constitution and Libertarian Members, while the left expands its base with Green and Working Families Members.

As part of this grand bargain to give democracy a chance, Members and candidates must make one pledge: to represent their constituents, not caucus with either of the controlling parties, and vote on the basis of ethical evidence-based decision-support. This is the other half of being able to govern with intelligence and integrity. The Tea Party Members have it right: end party line controls, give democracy a chance.

The Game Plan

There are seven specific things Joe Biden could do in the Spring of 2016 in order to not only be assured of winning, and also be assured that the next federal government is inherently honest, governing with intelligence and integrity, Article 1 of the Constitution again being valid.

01 Sponsor a “Virtual” Article V Constitutional Convention. Invite Mark Levine[9] to chair and organize the event, perhaps to be held in Texas where Governor Greg Abbott has called for a real Constitutional Convention. Fund an online and Living Room Conversation[10] process from the county-level up that ultimately sends eight people from each of the 50 states – one each from each of the eight information tribes (academic, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-government/non-profit). There are at least five amendments that need strengthening or revision.

  • 1st Religion & Freedom of Expression – re-affirm secular nature of government
    • 2nd Right to Bear Arms – restore to felons and reaffirm
    • 12th Electoral College revisited, restore as runner-up for Presidency as Vice President
    • 14th Birthright – end tourism births by Asians and illegal immigrants
    • 17th State Appointment of Senators by STATES to be restored

The event can and should inspire a deep national discussion above and beyond the Constitution its amendments.

There are thirteen arguments – an entire book has been written on this – central to defining and inspiring all US citizens that could be discussed as part of this national conversation – this is the substance no candidate today is competent or caring enough to address:[11]

  1. Who Is a Person?
  2. Who is an American?
  3. The Role of Faith
  4. The Limits of Individualism
  5. What Can We Know and Say?
  6. Who Judges the Law?
  7. Debt and Dollar
  8. Local versus National Authority
  9. Presidential Power
  10. The Terms of Trade
  11. War and Diplomacy
  12. The Environment
  13. A Fair, “More Perfect” Union

A “virtual” Article V Constitutional Convention and a national discussion of the “Thirteen Arguments” will “air out” in a most constructive way where we all are on the essentials, and will illuminate the possible outcome of a “real” Article V Constitutional Convention should 34 of the 50 states choose to demand a convention in 2018. Absent adjustments, I fear the real prospect of a series of state secessions, beginning with Hawaii, followed by Vermont, Alaska, California, and Texas.[12]


02 Host a Workshop on Unemployment. I will not belabor the ignorance of those who refuse to be truthful about unemployment and refer to those of us who are as “unemployment truthers.” The actual unemployment rate in the USA today is no less than 23%[13] and could be as high at 40% according to the Congressional Research Service.[14] Do this workshop in South Carolina with Governor Nikki Haley and place special focus on a proposed policy of full employment with job retraining as conceptualized during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan by the Deputy Secretary of Labor, a man of color, whose plan, “Building a Post Cold War Workforce for the 21st Century: Our Manpower Peace Deficit” is still viable.[15] Joe Biden has to come clean with the public – the Obama-Biden Administration, like the Bush-Cheney Administration and the Clinton-Gore Administraiton – lies a lot. It’s time to get the truth on the table – as Bob Seelert, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide points out, until you get the truth on the table, no matter how ugly it is, you are not in a position  to deal with it.

03 Sponsor an Electoral Reform Summit. Joe Biden ideally backed up by billionaire  – Tom Steyer, to whom I have sent a Memorandum also posted online,[16] and ideally also the Mars Family of Virginia, and others, has the power to force through – in calculated deliberate partnership with the GOP and Occupy and AdBusters – an Electoral Reform Act of 2016. Imagine an event – the Electoral Reform Summit – that includes all past candidates for president as well as major thought leaders – issuing a Statement of Demand that brings back to our process the 100 million eligible voters who chose not to vote in 2012, and includes a fast-track registration process for the 52.7 million unmarried women, people of color, and youth eligible to vote, who have not registered to vote. Show the 39% who identify as Independents today,[17] and the growing number of new voters registering as No Party Preference (NPP), that they have the power to force through an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 that will at a minimum enable Independents, Constitution, Green, and Libertarian candidates to win the 20-30 seats in Congress that are being vacated in 2016.  Once organized this larger group could make a deal with the incumbent Members – pass the Act and you get one term to break with your party and start representing your constituents.[18] Do this workshop in California with a very strong Latino flavor. Most people do not realize how close the Republican and Democratic party leaders are – two wings of the same bird. Joe Biden may be unique in having the gravitas and historical insider knowledge to get both mafias to agree on a clean break with the past, a restoration of integrity to the electoral process, one that saves all their incumbents in the process. Here are the elements of the Act for discussion – 12 distinct but essentially integrated fixes.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

In more detail:

01 Universal Registration
• Opt-Out Option
• Prisoners Remain Voters

02 Free & Equal Ballot Access

03 Tightly-Drawn Districts

04 Free & Equal Public Funding

05 Free & Equal Media Access

06 Inclusive Debates
• Restore League of Women Voters
• Debates in Every State
• Cabinet Announced in Advance
• Cabinet-Level Debates

07 Open Primaries

08 Election Day Holiday

  • Visitors to Disabled
  • Free Public Transportation

09 Paper Ballots

  • Counted Publicly On Site
  • Military and Embassy Sites
  • Exit Poll Validation at all Sites
  • Mail/Internet Triple Validation

10 End Winner Take All Voting

  • Instant Run-Off or Range, Concordant, Other
  • End Straight-Ticket Device

11 Legislative Process Integrity

  • End Party-Line Voting
  • All Legislation Published in Advance
  • No Secret Provisions
  • Process for Citizen Guidance to Representatives

12 Prohibit Party Manipulation of Delegates & Candidates
• Primary votes – not superdelegates – determine candidate
• Winning candidate chooses VP and Cabinet, not party
• Party may not impose donor conditions on candidate

The Most Holy Father has called for electoral reform[19] – his staff has a copy of the 12 points. Can you think of a more powerful combination than Joe Biden, Tom Steyer, and the Pope – and the massive engaged public they are capable of mobilizing? The time has come to show billionaires on both the left and the right – and the average citizen – that everyone prospers when integrity is the chief characteristic of governance and how we elect our government.

04 Sponsor a Name Your Cabinet Web Site. “Fantasy Football” is big business. Why not a “Fantasy Cabinet” as a basis for engaging citizens into thinking about who – irrespective of party affiliation – they would most trust for each of the Cabinet positions? Should some positions be abolished? Are other positions needed? Why not harness the collective intelligence of the public while using this as a means of re-engaging the public in public governance?[20]

Here is what a winning coalition team might look like:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

05 Sponsor a Balanced Budget Web Site. What would a balanced budget look like in which true cost of all policies and practices were fully documented (US Government waste is known to be roughly 50% across all domains from Agriculture to Defense to Education to Energy to Health)?[21] Joe Biden could even invite Ben & Jerry to lead a national conversation on this topic. This would among many benefits exposure the ignorance of all other presidential candidates who do not understand that giving more money to a corrupt military-industrial complex is like pouring gasoline on a fire. The infantry, 4% of the force, takes 80% of the causalities and gets 1% of the budget. The other 99% of the budget is spent on pork that kills our own. We need a 450-ship Navy, an air-mobile Army, and a long-haul Air Force; we can create such a force while still cutting 30-40% in waste from our Department of Defense as now managed.[22] It is insane for the military to consume 60% of the FY 2015 disposable budget and 16% of the FY 2015 total budget – this is pork, plain and simple.

All of the presidential candidates now running lack credibility when it comes to discussing what the threats are to America the Beautiful. Immigration is not a threat and China did not take our jobs – it is US business leaders, enabled by corrupt US political leaders, who have systematically refused to respect the laws against paying illegal aliens, while exporting our manufacturing jobs to China without regard to the “true cost” to our country and our communities of disenfranchising – bankrupting – vast swaths of our working class.[23]

There are the ten high-level threats to the USA specifically and humanity generally.[24]  The only public figure talking about these threats with intelligence and integrity has been the Pope!

01 Poverty
02 Infectious Disease
03 Environmental Degradation
04 Inter-State Conflict
05 Civil War
06 Genocide
07 Other Atrocities
08 Proliferation
09 Terrorism
10 Transnational Crime

These are the issues that Jesse Gordon is tracking for all the candidates at On the Issues.[25]

Domestic Issues
Civil Rights
Gun Control

Economic Issues

Budget & Economy
Government Reform
Social Security
Tax Reform
Technology & Infrastructure
Welfare & Poverty

International Issues
Energy & Oil
Foreign Policy
Free Trade
Homeland Security
War & Peace

Social Issues
Families & Children
Health Care
Principles & Values

Not a single candidate is offering a coherent, evidence-based, revenue-calculated discussion of these issues. Bombast, buzz words, lies, and platitudes are the order of the day. We need a serious nationwide discussion of all threats, all policies, all issues as a foundation for selecting a new transpartisan executive  team and a president who is chosen not on the basis of his or her views on any given issue, but on the basis of being absolutely committed to restoring the integrity of the electoral process and thence of the government, the economy, and our society.

06 Take Over BigBatUSA.org and Raise a Billion Dollars. From a practical business point of view – one that Ross Perot displayed – it makes sense to offer the public a vehicle for buying back its government. There are 100 million voters out there from across the political spectrum that now see very clearly that the two-party tyranny is a form of prostitution, Godless, and as close to legalized treason as you can get. $10 from each is one billion dollars. I fully expect such a site to raise $2 billion if Joe Biden chooses to champion electoral reform, and forms a coalition on that foundation. This money would fund the Occupation of the home offices and front lawns of every Member refusing to co-sponsor and vote for the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, provide basic income assistance for the unemployed, and help advance Independent and small party campaigns for vacant seats in Congress if the public funding portion of that Act is rejected by the majority. The Electoral Reform Act of 2016 as finally passed may or may not include public funding of all campaigns for federal office – if it does, the balance can be donated to the government fund; if not the balance can be used to create a swing vote.  Perhaps more importantly – with a nod of appreciation to Howard Dean, Joe Trippi, and Zepher Teachout who created the Big Bat concept in the first place – it is time we show the US Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, and the US Supreme Court that people, not billionaires, are sovereign in the USA – with a firm commitment to Truth & Reconciliation in relation to past injustices.

07 Make Electoral Reform, Intelligence, and Latinos Central. Now that The Most Holy Father has weighed in on electoral reform – the Franciscan order has the lead in the USA – the time has come to create a grand coalition outside the two-party system, in which youth, single women, and Latinos, as well as prisoners (mostly black) whose vote would be restored by the Electoral Reform Act of 2016 – come together. All of our institutions have failed us; We the People have many legitimate grievances.[26] In my view – I happen to be Latino of a mother born in Colombia – the Latinos and the organizations they have created or dominate – including Voto Latino and the Service Employees International Union as well as the Catholic Church – are ready to lead a renaissance in American political participation. The time has come to displace political parties and put the people – all of the people – back into politics.[27]


Israel remains the “third rail” in US politics, and Sheldon Adelson remains the gorilla in the room along with the small but very powerful Jewish element blindly supportive of the Democratic Party. There is every reason to put together a private session with Sheldon Adelson that establishes his view, reality, and a reasonable way forward that respects the public interest. Such a workshop could establish a protocol for doing other workshops along the way to the White House, each used to educate the public on substance and on trade-offs. If Joe Biden can gain the nomination, Michael Bloomberg will not run – a similar workshop on gun control and another on climate change should be considered. As Tom Steyer has realized, no amount of money spent on any issue will be successful in the fact of a government without integrity that refused to make evidence-based decisions. The way is open for Joe Biden to both gain the respect of individual billionaires with their pet rocks, and gain funding from over a hundred million citizens and eligible voters who are fed up with being abused by the two-party tyranny. Restoring integrity to the electoral process – and creating an honest government that makes evidence-based decisions in the public interest – is within Joe Biden’s power.

Robert David Steele is a former spy, honorary hacker, and the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories. He briefed Occupy on electoral reform in a video that went viral, ran briefly for the Reform Party nomination, aggregating good ideas at We the People Reform Coalition, and is today the pro bono CEO of an educational non-profit, Earth Intelligence Network. His most recent books are OPEN POWER: Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool-Kit, The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, & Trust, and Intelligence for Earth: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability. A Guardian profile of him has received 68,000 likes.


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[27] Supra notes 6 and 7. Parties are toxic. The whole point of being Independent or No Party Preference (NPP) is to be open to evidence-based decision-support and to avoid the financial, religious, and ideological blinders that are associated with individual parties.

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