Hillary Clinton and Her Body Double Side by Side?

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Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge. We invite the Collective Intelligence of the public to the two links below.


Hillary Did Not Appear in North Carolina

Hillary’s Body Double — Comparisons and More

See Especially:

Breaking: Clinton Collapses, Rushed to Hospital, Leaves Shoe in the Gutter — End of the Campaign?

Doctor Does CIA-Like Review of Hillary Clinton’s Multiple Illnesses Including Advanced Parkinson’s, Blood Clots, Fractured Bones…Concealed Since 2012!

Did Clinton Have a Stroke? Will Biden Replace Her? Game Plan for Biden Winning by Championing Reform & Engaging Main Street

James Tracy: Hillary Clinton is ILL –This is SERIOUS — In Hiding? Wearing a Medical Device?

James Tracy: Hillary Clinton’s Black Van Conversion a Hospital on Wheels — with Photos

Jon Rappoport: Hillary Clinton Gravely Ill — Major Blood Clots, Rolling Dice with Coumadin

Kindle Short (99 Cents): Clinton Collapses, Is Biden Ready? Seven Specifics for an October Surprise

Mongoose: Is Hillary Feeble?

Robert Steele: Cracks in Official Narratives — Smerconish Threatens Guliani and GOP “You Go After Clinton’s Health, We’ll Go After 9/11 As An Inside Job”

Stephen E. Arnold: LinkedIn Censorship — Blocking Post on The Madness of Hillary Clinton

YouTube (25:55) Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne On Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton — Crazy & Clotted Join Crooked As Key Terms

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