Kindle Short (99 Cents): Clinton Collapses, Is Biden Ready? Seven Specifics for an October Surprise

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Hillary Clinton has had a stroke — she is not suffering from pneumonia and her body double is easily spotted by the combination of 50 pounds less weight and the greater distance she keeps from the public she is being shown off to. The DNC has been in an emergency session — Joe Biden could be the new nominee and pick his own VP. As I have suggested for some time, Donald Trump is certain to win UNLESS Joe Biden will listen to a former Jesuit altar boy and embrace the idea that at this point in time and space, God wants him to clean up the two-party tyranny and restore evidence-based honest governance to the USA.

There is no assurance, if Trump wins, that he will not immediately sell out. Absent an Electoral Reform Act that restores integrity to the whole system, the two-party tyranny is certain to continue to front for the 1% regardless of who is President.

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