Stephen E. Arnold: US Government’s Flawed Content Management Procurement

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

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What Content Management Systems Ring the Chimes of US Government Procurement Teams?

The answer to this question does not require a consultant in content management or, as the insiders term it, CMS. Navigate to Digital Gov’s run down. The list is, like many things about the US government, “unofficial.”   . . .   The list is a sure fire guide for those who want to sell CMS consulting services to government agencies. Any notion of standardization or buying US software seems to be out of fashion.

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Phi Beta Iota: The US Government does not have an information “strategy” or information “standards” or even an objective baseline for whole of government information-sharing and shared tools for sense-making, in part because the M in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been locked in a closet with a sock in its mouth since inception. There is no “management” across the USG, only “budget share” campaigns. No one is held accountable for failing to make evidence-based decisions, or for collecting the relevant information, or even for processing all that they collect, with 1% processing being the standard. The so-called “digital innovators” toil away on 1% of the federal of the IT budget and appeared terrified of suggesting anything bold and comprehensive lest they be slapped down by the mandarins who love their legacy systems that are directly tied to post-retirement jobs. Perhaps the gravest “sucking chest wound” in the USG's approach to information is the continued divide between the secret world's obsession with denied area targets and “secrets for the president, screw everyone else” and the vast archipelago of open source information that is known to but not exploited by the Whole of Government “customer base” and the 90% or more of the relevant information that is not known  to either the secret world or  the customer base within the USG.  Out of control and no one gives a damn.

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