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yoda with light saberAmbient Water launches newest atmospheric water generator, AW800

Ambient Water has launched its newest model, the AW800, to address bulk water needs in water scare regions. The AW800 is capable of generating up to 800 gallons of water per day for various uses including human consumption and agriculture. The AW800 is the newest model of Ambient Water's commercial atmospheric water generator lineup and was built to maximize water generation while minimizing electrical power usage for optimal efficiency. The AW800 is a self-contained water generation and dispensing unit that is housed within a 20-foot ISO shipping container, allowing for easy transit and a rugged design to endure the environmental elements of any region.

Utilizing standard electricity, the AW800 requires 55kW — approximately 24kW for steady state operation — at a variety of voltages, which can vary based on installation location. When located in regions with sufficient temperature and humidity — the technology can produce water with humidity levels as low as 30% — the technology will produce quality drinking water that is uniquely filtered to ensure it is 99.9% free of all impurities. The technology is also equipped to handle local dispensing of the water, as well as bulk delivery.

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Phi Beta Iota: Water scarcity and water contamination are the two greatest passive threats to humanity apart from poverty and all the other “active” threats. No one is being serious about a comprehensive solution.

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