Yoda: Open Source Climate Data — Finally — Time for ALL Data to be Open Source!


yoda with light saberOpen-Source Climate Change Data From NASA, NOAA, & Others Available For 1st Time

There is a need to make that data available in a jargon-free format and with guidance on how to use it effectively. A new organization will do just that. On September 22, PREP, the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness, was launched by the White House Office of Science and Technology PolicyWorld Resources Institute, U.S. Global Change Research Program, and a host of industry supporters including Microsoft and Google. PREP will harness the data revolution to strengthen climate resilience efforts, streamline climate data delivery, and inform researchers and data providers which climate data are most valuable.

Phi Beta Iota: The White House science & technology people have consistently been light years ahead of the rest of the US Government, just as the science & technology analysts and managers at CIA were a quarter century ahead of all other analysts in knowing that open access is the fastest path to holistic analytics and comprehensive reliable foresight. If Donald Trump wins there is a clear path to an Open Source Agency that will set the gold standard for what can be known (and shared) faster, better, cheaper. The European Union is ahead of the USA — all data paid for by governments will be Open Access by 2020. Combined with SciHub burying Elsevier and Thomson Reuters, major advances are possible providing that we also create an open source analytic tool-kit and a distributed Open Cloud Open Spectrum blockchain sparse matrix that is geospatially rooted.

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