Home Depot – Estes Express – BEI (Sterling) Rotten Delivery

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The fine print on the online order contract says curb side delivery but the lack of professionalism by both Home Depot and Estes Express and their “final mile” third party BEI Delivery of Sterling, VA, is palpable.The order was actually placed by a Home Depot person in Customer Service at the Fairfax store and the customer never read the fine print nor was informed that the delivery would be done by a third party sub-contractor rather than Home Depot drivers properly equipped with a forklift for such situations.

Here is a photo of a steel-wrapped pallet illegally blocking two official US postal boxes, one hundred feet downhill from where the pallet was supposed to be delivered.

We strongly recommend that Home Depot not be trusted for online deliveries of anything that cannot be hand carried. Appliances are delivered inside the house — garden bricks and other materials are delivered to the door. One has  to wonder why Home Depot Online is so badly managed. Estes Express appears to be a family owned company with good intentions, but they are sub-contracting to third-rate local parties.

The third party acting on behalf of Home Depot and Estes Express was BEI Delivery of Sterling. The President and CEO of Estes Express has been provided all necessary information toward his finding a new provider in Northern Virginia.

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