Marcus Aurelius: Dead People Registering to Vote – Democratic Voter Fraud in Virginia

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

FBI Investigating After Dead People Registered To Vote In Swing State

“Oftentimes we hear our Democratic colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia, or it’s a myth,” House Speaker William Howell, R-Stafford, said. “This is proof that voter fraud not only exists but is ongoing and is a threat to the integrity of our elections.”

Phi Beta Iota: The common mistake everyone makes — perpetuated by a dishonest media that refuses to cover electoral reform as a topic — is that the electoral process is a complex system with multiple points of failure, all of which must be fixed simultaneously. Below is the first pass at twelve specific fixes that could still be implemented by the Republican majority in time for 2016.  Such agility is unlikely — we are headed toward four more years of gross federal dysfunction compounding a crashing economy and a fragmented society.

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