Owl: Hillary Clinton’s Death by Email

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Who? Who?
Who? Who?

Richard Martin: Assange Is Not Kidding

It turns out Assange wasn't kidding. He is delivering tranches of 1000 or so hacked emails a day from major political organizations and politicians. Some of the emails are some of the missing 30,000 emails which Hillary Clinton had scrubbed off her illegal home servers.

They include classified documents (totally illegal), declarations of her true intents to finish the job of stripping away all border authority and regulations from the U.S. Government, as well as handling over all economic regulatory functions to mysterious international cartels of unknown people and demonstrations of collusion with Ivy League academics to keep the U.S. population complacent, obedient and ignorant (the Orwellian program for mass tyranny).

The Assange document dumps also clearly demonstrate that most of Hillary's “appearances” are now just staged promos with hired actors. She no longer apparently has the stamina to travel nor the tolerance to deal with live audiences, which attract so few people they are easy to disrupt. So the entire campaign she is now running is entirely fake and is completely dependent on the televised debates to provide her with a sense of presence with a powerful, presidential personality.

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