Robert Steele: DHS and DNI Statement on Russia and Electronic Electoral Machine Hacking Has Errors of Fact — Did White House Write This to Help Hillary Clinton? UPDATE 1: FBI Refused To Sign This False Flag Propaganda

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

UPDATE 1: FBI’s James Comey Opposed Naming Russia As An Election Meddler, Source Confirms

The Joint Statement from the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security, contains errors of fact.

The USIC and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assess that it would be extremely difficult for someone, including a nation-state actor, to alter actual ballot counts or election results by cyber attack or intrusion.

The fact is that George Bush defeated Al Gore by combining electronic electoral fraud made possible by Diebold, and Jeb Bush disenfranchising over 30,000 pro-Democratic voters in Florida. More recently, Hillary Clinton stole multiple state presidential primary elections from Bernie Sanders with electronic electoral fraud (in those states that do not have paper ballot back-ups) and she assuredly plans to do the same again against Donald Trump.

The electronic machines can be manipulated internally to divert votes from one candidate to another  (e.g. instances where multiple votes for John Kerry are tallied for George Bush). Some, not all, machines can be accessed remotely by anyone including Dutch teen-agers, with similar vote manipulation possibilities. All electronic voting machines lack sufficient integrity to be trusted by the public.

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Everyone I know that does hacking in the USA routes their work through Russia or other countries to hide their tracks. The Russians know how to use the Dark Web and I find it very hard to believe that the Russian government has any interest in the complexities of devices best hacked via remote proximity; that the Russian government would show its hands so obviously; or that the Russian government does not already know that it only takes one Senator to put the USG into grid-lock, which is far cheaper  than messing around with voting machines. This is a false flag accusation, in my view, intended to aid Hillary Clinton.

We also have the 31 August 2016 statement by NSA whistleblower William Binney, to the effect that the DNC hack was not done by Russia, but by a disgrunted NSA employee angry over her callous disregard for classified information wantonly pushed through her private email service. Generally I do not believe the official narrative assigning blame  to Russia.

NSA whistleblower says DNC hack was not done by Russia, but by U.S. intelligence

Beyond the actual vote count that is now tallied secretly without public observers, there is the additional fraud in which any given Secretary of State for any given state can manage false vote counts being reported or received — they simply change the numbers. There is no process in place for assuring the integrity of federal elections at the state and local levels.

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Russia is not the culprit here; Hillary Clinton is the culprit. It has been established that in most if not all of the primary elections where paper back-up ballots did not exist, she stole each primary using electronic or insider means. Stanford University (see link below) is the source for this analysis rooted in fact.

There are three measures that can be taken to assure the integrity of the federal voting process:

01 Mandatory paper ballots — eliminate all electronic voting.

02 Mandatory public tallying of the paper ballots, hour by hour.

03 Exit polls

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As the foremost proponent for integrated electoral reform, I can absolutely state that had the people giving Jim Clapper this information done just ten minutes worth of homework on the Internet, they would have known the above statement is false — they would also know that DHS has no idea how to fix this because the two-party tyranny WANTS electoral fraud. Manipulating the vote count is one of twelve ways in which the two-party “Establishment” blocks 70% of the eligible voters from ballot access. Since Jim Clapper is a brilliant man and his staff is not stupid, I assume that this statement was drafted by the White House, it was known to be false when it was drafted, and Jim Clapper decided it was not worth fighting for the truth in this one instance. It merits comment that Bernie Sanders has known all along that the nomination would be stolen from him, his lack of integrity in not fighting the DNC and Hillary Clinton is the greater sin — as great a sin as Al Gore accepting the $100M bribe offer delivered by Warren Christopher, to not fight the theft of the election in Florida through the disenfranchisement of over 30,000 left-leaning voters. Russia is not the enemy here. We are our own worst enemy for continuing to tolerate a political system that both Jimmy Carter and Princeton University have declared is in no way a democracy — a political system that wages war for profit by the few while impoverishing the many with unemployment, inflation, poisoned air, food, and water, and a combination of mediocre education and complicit media that has assured the internal collapse of the Republic.

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