Antechinus: Is Obama Staging a Color Revolution?

Cultural Intelligence

Is Obama Staging a Color Revolution in the US?

Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has acquired a long list of tricks that were used against undesired governments in various parts of the world, while the most effective among them is the so-called “color revolutions,” where essentially a coup d’etat is achieved by media manipulation and large mobs.. The corporate media and social networks are openly arrayed against the incoming 45th US President and we are witnessing a wave of “protests” being unleashed under the control of the Obama administration. These very tactics have been used by US intelligence agencies in Brazil, Nicaragua, Hong Kong, Thailand, as well as across the Middle East and Eastern Europe to unleash a “color revolution”. In some countries, such actions have brought foreign government under the direct control of the White House, as we can see it in Ukraine, Brazil and several other countries.

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