Frank Bacon: YouTube PizzaGate — NYT “Defense” Trashed — Reddit Bans PizzaGate — Elite Pedophilia Network Defensive? UPDATE 2

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UPDATE 2: New website, shallow at this point,, David Seaman emerges as YouTube thread of substance.

David Seaman @ YouTube

UPDATE 1: PizzaGate is going viral, globally. We anticipate the embroilment of Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee (RNC) in a future iteration — there are just as many senior Republican pedophiles as there are senior Democratic pedophiles, this could be the issue that breaks the back of both the elite and their two-party front for legalized perversions. Please note that pedophilia is a nation-wide and world-wide perversion, with the UK and US being the worst case examples of elite impunity. We note with interest Tom Delay’s testimony to the effect that the Department of Justice has been considering the legalization of twelve peversions including pedophilia and bestiality. When you liberalize everything, you value nothing.

Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman

Tom Delay: DOJ Wants to Legalize Bestiality, Pedophilia


Phi Beta Iota: The elite pedophiles and their wealthy friends who embrace the “anything goes” represssive tolerance concept have begun banning any discussion of PizzaGate and pedophilia (as well as cannibalism and snuffing). Reddit is the latest to ban this topic despite the fact that it is rooted in open source inquiries by citizens using only legal and ethical means. We will not be surprised to find that YouTube will delete all PizzaGate material very soon….once again demonstrating why we need distributed blockchain clouds impervious to censorship. There is too much circular reporting — and too much assuming that every use of an alleged codeword (eg chicken for young boy) is actually a codeword use (as opposed to simply sacrificing a supermarket chicken to Moloch, the God of child abuse), but on balance PizzaGate may join the 9/11 Truthers as a citizen intelligence movement that eventually brings down the 1% whose stewardship of our Earth has been, in one word — bestial.

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