Steve Piezenik: How We Brought Down the USSR – Religion, Military, Finance, Culture — All Tools George Soros is Trying to Apply to the USA with his “Purple Revolution”

IO Deeds of War

Phi Beta Iota: Steve Piecezenik is one of the good guys, but his methods are now being applied against the USA by a mix of domestic and foreign enemies. He does not mention in his video the illegal Gold War against Russia managed by Buzzy Krongard as a nominal assistant to George Tenet at CIA.Today China and Russia are about to stick it to the USA using an ethical legal variation of what the US tried to do. The elite are using all of these tools and more against the 99%, inclusive of the most dishonest mainstream and progressive media in modern history, all complicit with an educational system striving to “dumb down” the public, while selected religions — not all — have been co-opted to champion what Herbert Marcuse calls “repressive tolerance” — the false proposition that all forms of perversion are “acceptable” to the point that the general public loses sight of just how evil are the Satanic pedophilia and day to day treason and murder characteristic of some members of the 1%.

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