Mike Rogers: Russians Did It – Robert Steele: Baloney! UPDATE 1

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Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers

NSA Chief: WikiLeaks Hacks of Democrats' Emails Were a “Conscious Effort by a Nation-State”

The WikiLeaks release of internal emails from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign constituted a “conscious effort by a nation-state to attempt to achieve a specific effect,” the head of the National Security Agency said Tuesday. “There shouldn't be any doubt in anybody's mind,” NSA Director Michael S. Rogers said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. “This was not something that was done casually, this was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily.” Rogers acknowledged in October that Russians were behind the hacks.

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Who In Russian Intelligence Doesn’t Speak Russian?

The point that I’m trying to make is that if anyone in Russia wanted to spear phish employees of the DNC, then creating a @yandex.com email address instead of a @yandex.ru email address is not only unnecessary extra effort but it makes absolutely no sense. You don’t gain anything operationally. You’ve used Yandex. You might as well paint a big red R on your forehead. However, you know what does make sense? That the person who opened the account DOESN’T SPEAK RUSSIAN!

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE:  Baloney! The neo-cons including Mike Hayden (who violated the US Constitution twice, the first time doing warrantless wiretapping from NSA and the second doing rendition and torture from CIA) are pulling out all the stops, in collaboration with George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and other crime families, to de-legitimize the election of Donald Trump. According to NSA whistleblower William Binney, who strikes me as vastly more honorable and credible than the serving chief of NSA,  the leaking of the emails was done by out-raged NSA employees out of revenge for Clinton's mis-handling of their sensitive compartmented information (and I believe others as well).

NOTE: NSA has long been known by insiders to devote a portion of its capabilities to domestic political collection (for blackmail purposes) and international insider trading (their version of the off-budget funding — CIA uses drugs and arms trafficking). As with CIA, there are at least seven NSA's, with those owned by the Deep State largely invisible to the transient Director. I cannot exaggerate the toxicity of NSA in its current configuration…and would venture to suggest that Admiral Rogers' story is, in addition to being false, a “cover story” for the more likely proposition that it was NSA itself that has been hacking the DNC and RNC for decades (as with CIA, also hacking Congressional computers and communications). Please note that Binney also says that NSA has *all* of Hillary Clinton's emails — they were collected, illegally, as they were transmitted.

The ballot tampering was done by Hillary Clinton and her surrogates and is a problem that has been with us since  Diebold first designed the machines to do fractional voting precisely so they could be used to steal elections. Admiral Mike Rogers should be investigated, interrogated under oath, and polygraphed. It is possible he is being lied to and really believes this crap, but on balance, I put him right up there with Jim Clapper who gave false testimony when he signed off on the joint press release (probably drafted by the White House staff) with two falsehoods in them: first, that the Russians did all this hacking and second, that the electronic voting machines were impervious to hacking.  Again, bullshit — or worse: treasonous mis-statements propagandizing the US public. What we are seeing here is an attempted coup d'etat, part of a two-sided assault on Donald Trump's dubious but legitimate win that I have analyzed in full in my Kindle Short (also free online), “The Accidental President.” Giving Admiral Rogers the benefit of the doubt, I am reminded of Daniel Elsberg's counsel to Henry Kissinger, also published in Mother Jones:

You will deal with a person who doesn't have those clearances only from the point of view of what you want him to believe and what impression you want him to go away with, since you'll have to lie carefully to him about what you know. In effect, you will have to manipulate him. You'll give up trying to assess what he has to say. The danger is, you'll become something like a moron. You'll become incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they may have in their particular areas that may be much greater than yours.

Admiral Rogers has become a moron overdue for retirement.  Good riddance to him, to Mike Hayden, to John Brennan, to Jim Clapper, to all those who have betrayed the public trust for eight years, managing a dysfunctional intelligence community that is a disgrace to the profession.

I am told Donald Trump is not going to resign, he now understands that he has been rolled by the neo-cons and the Republican Establishment, I pray that he ends up considering my three recommendations that would — in combination — bury the two-party tyranny, restore integrity to our electoral system, and easily give him the mandate from 60% or more of the eligible voters, rather than the 27% he has now.

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