Stephen E. Arnold: Ricochet Software Empowers Whistleblowers to Message Journalists Securely and Anonymously

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Stephen E. Arnold

Ricochet Software Empowers Whistleblowers to Message Journalists Securely and Anonymously

The article titled Ricochet Uses Power of the Dark Web to Help Journalists, Sources Dodge Metadata Laws on The Age announces the completion of a formal security audit that gives would-be users of the software the go-ahead. Ricochet is secure messaging resource intended to enable whistleblowers and human rights activists to communicate with journalists without fear of being exposed. The article explains,

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Phi Beta Iota: There are two problems here. First, there are no serious journalists out there that can get published by mainstream and progressive media — the best ones — John Pilger, Robert Parry, Nafeez Ahmed, Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi, are either marginalized or pull their punches in order to get published. Second, the social media mandarins are neo-fascists in service to the deep state — censorship and search manipulation are the new new thing for these despicable betrayers of the public trust. What is actually needed is a “hive mind” that cannot be censored in which every person has the rights  of anonymity, privacy, information management rights, and security — and access to all information in all languages all the time. Blockchain is certainly a part of the solution, but as Micah Sifry has documented so ably, the Internet is still not serving the public interest.

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