Yoda:: Technology Can Free People from Wage Slavery


yoda with light saber“Technology can free people from wage slavery” – An Interview with Xavier Damman, Open Collective

So the internet so far is helping a lot of movements to exist but they cannot have economic power. Occupy Wall street is a good example of that compared to Podemos in Spain. The difference between them is that Podemos was able to turn the energy of the movement to a political party. To convince 85.000 to give them five dollars a month. And that makes the difference between a movement that’s gonna be ephemeral to a more established institution.

Our goal as Open Collective is to create this new light type of association for our generation who really love doing those side projects, creating those meetup groups, taking the initiative to create a conference located in your city, do open source projects together, create movements like occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, all of that. There’s a whole bunch of things that our generation is doing but we don’t have any platform to enable those movements and these communities to collect money. So it’s all about finding a new way, fund those communities that can have a larger impact.

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