Robert Steele: NYT (David Sanger, Scott Shane) WashPost (Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima, Greg Miller) Full of Crap – Fake News — Russians Did Not Hack Election UPDATE 2

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Robert David Steele

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

Russia Hacked Republican Committee but Kept Data, U.S. Concludes

The Obama Administration is being duplicitous at the last minute before the Electoral College meets on 19 December 2016, the CIA is lying, the “intelligence” is being fabricated, and both the New York Times and the Washington Post are now joining CNN (the Crap News Network) as purveyors of “fake news.” The Huffington Post, which appended the most offensive erroneous statement slandering President-Elect Trump to every article, is beneath contempt — hardly worth a mention, but noteworthy for being the bottom of the media cesspool.

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The earlier statement of the Obama Administration, certifying the election, is the one that everyone should be respecting: U.S. Statement on Reliability of Election Results. Trump won against all odds (ranging from 20-1 to 20-1). My analysis of how he won is now popular at Amazon Kindle, and I recommend it as the single most truthful, documented analysis of what actually happened.

I was a high-performance CIA spy (Case Officer, Operations Officer) with five times the regional recruiting and foreign intelligence production record during three tours overseas, and dedicated to counterintelligence during one of my three Washington tours. I have offered to testify for Senator Mitch McConnell, who alone among the Republicans seems able to understand that CIA lies for a living, John Brennan has zero integrity (and may be a paid agent of the Saudi government — less well paid than Hillary and Bill Clinton, but paid never-the-less), and this latest crap about Russia meddling in the US election is a final desperate attempt to manipulate the Electoral College away from its Constitutional purpose.

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FACT ONE: The issue both the NYT and the WashPost are avoiding is electronic voting machine tampering.  The reason they are avoiding this is because the Republicans did not do much of this, while it is a documented fact that Hillary Clinton stole thirteen primaries from Bernie Sanders using electronic voting machine fraud — as certified by Stanford University — along with other measures. Hillary Clinton is an illegitimate nominee and has no standing at all. Bernie Sanders is complicit in that theft — I offered Bernie Sanders the Electoral Reform Act as an initiative EIGHT TIMES in 2015 and 2016, and EIGHT TIMES he and his staff blew me off. Bernie Sanders is a bought and paid for shill for the Democratic half of the two-party tyranny and merits nothing but scorn and disdain for his complicity in the Clinton theft of the Democratic nomination.

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FACT TWO: Donald Trump is not blameless. Donald Trump is a “fringe” President as Barack Obama has been and Hillary Clinton would have been, elected by 27% of the eligible voters. Donald Trump, despite winning accidentally, against all odds and without the support of the two-party tyranny, continues to refuse to acknowledge his fringe character and refuses to call for the Electoral Reform Act — the Unity Act — as a necessary means of burying the two-party tyranny and assuring the 47% who did not vote at all and the 26% who voted for Hillary Clinton that he will be the first truly Independent president.

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Right now he appears to be creating a business oriented government that swaps one elite for another — there is no evidence he is actually going to represent the 99% — but we pray that he does in fact do so. What he is not recognizing is the power that would accrue to him personally, over and above both the financial elite and their two-party tyranny front, if he were to liberate the Members from their dependence on corporate funding and open the halls of Congress to Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Reform, Working Families and Independent candidates.

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FACT THREE: Julian Assange, William Binney, Jim Bamford, and I are all on record as saying that the Russians did not hack the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — that was all National Security Agency (NSA) tools combined with angry NSA employees who  then leaked the emails to WikiLeaks — and the Russians were probably not responsible for the phishing expedition that led John Podesta to very stupidly open his gmail account to independent hackers who got him to click on a fake google link such that they got his old and his new password. John Podesta also very stupidly never deleted emails. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is on record publicly — and evidently offered the NYT private direct access to proof they had not been hacked, an offer the NYT unethically refused to entertain because they are a “fake news” site that persists in offering false narratives to the public. The Establishing — both parties, the Vatican, and their Wall Street elite and Wall Street secret societies — are in a major panic right now, fearful that PizzaGate will bring them all down. The combined assaults on public common sense of the “fake news” lies from the mainstream media, and the psychological operations lies about “the Russians did it,” are the single best indicators of how the Podesta emails, combined with the 650,000 emails on the Huma Abedin laptop turned over by Anthony Weiner, could arm Donald Trump if he chooses to actually drain the swamp with Truth & Reconciliation (everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail).

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FACT FOUR: As a CIA clandestine case officer I have personally faked intelligence given to foreign governments as a form of covert action, and I am intimately familiar with the manner in which CIA both fakes intelligence and lies to Presidents. The most famous documented example of CIA lying to a president — not something I was not directly associated with — is the case of our Soviet agents, all killed or doubled in the 1980's and 1990's. We knew the survivors were doubled but we were so desperate to deceive the president about our continued special access to Soviet secrets that we lied to the president about the status of the double agents, and passed off their obvious disinformation as “real.” Morton Halperin, who is still alive and could give testimony — his book, Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy remains one of the best books any future political appointee could read. “Rule One” in that book is “lie to the president if you can get away with it.” This is what CIA does for a living (and NSA, and the Director of National Intelligence, a serial liar to Congress as the public).

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My endnotes — all linked to sources — are in the Amazon Kindle Short, The Accidental President. What I have published is the best available truth, in sharp contrast to the absolute crap being published by the NYT, the WashPost, and the dregs of the media world such as The Huffington Post. Donald Trump is ignoring multiple opportunities to make his election vastly more legitimate, but at root, he is in the right and the CIA, DNI, the media, and the Establishment are very much in the wrong. If he were to call for an Electoral Reform Act — a Unity Act — while also asking all citizens in debt to sign the Debt Renunciation Pledge — he would be without question the most legitimate, the most powerful, and the most constructive president in modern history.

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I note with concern that the fake news being put forward by the mainstream media is being complemented with a growing collusion between the Establishment and its social media partners — notably Facebook, Google, and YouTube — in massive censorship and search manipulation going far beyond the multi-million dollar fraud (illegal in kind campaign contributions that repressed citizen posts about Clinton crime and equated Donald Trump to Hitler. I continue to believe that we need a Trump Channel that displaces the entire media archipelago, offering instead an uncensorable evidence-based, local to national polling construct that implements extreme democracy and buries the two-party tyranny and their Wall Street masters. Electoral Reform freeing Members from dependency on corporate contributions, and the eliminate of the entire tax code and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), substituting instead the Automated Payment Transaction Tax, would eliminate corporate angling for tax exemptions and loopholes, and eliminate most foundations and non-profits as the scams that they are.

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