Ahmet Yayla: Assassination in Turkey – A Few Thoughts

09 Terrorism, IO Deeds of War
Ahmet Sait Yayla

Anxiety in Ankara: Assassination, Geopolitics, and Democracy in Turkey

The assassination itself still has many unanswered questions: was the assassin acting alone or on someone’s behalf or with the assistance of others; why did Turkish intelligence and law enforcement forces not provide sufficient security for the ambassador; what was the motive behind the attack and why was the assassin killed rather than captured? Additionally, a Turkish judge issued a media ban on the attack, making it more difficult to understand and reveal facts about the assassination. In order to inform the international community and reduce the chances of such an attack happening against other diplomatic dignitaries in Turkey, the Turkish government needs to be transparent about the findings of the investigation, demonstrating it has solid, objective evidence provided in a timely manner.

Phi Beta Iota: A blockbuster of a read from a PhD former counterterrorism officer in Turkey.

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