Mongoose: How the New York Times Became a Rothschild Outpost and the Protector of Elite Pedophiles

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Tip of the Hat to Frank Bacon.

Pedophile Savile Haunts The New York Times – PizzaGate 7

Here in Part 7 of the Pizzagate series, we trace the media cover-up of Pizzagate pedophilia back to the 2012 decision by publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to install former BBC director-general Mark Thompson as CEO of The New York Times. The British import was previously involved in two criminal cover-ups in the UK: of the suspicious circumstances behind the death of Iraq-invasion whistle-blower Dr. David Kelly and insider protection of BBC’s in-house pedophile ring leader Jimmy Saville.

Phi Beta Iota: This is a long deep article that includes fascinating documented insights into how the Rothschilds and the Vatican are intertwining via the Jesuits and inter-marriage among Jesuit-loyal US political and financial power brokers.

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