Donald Trump: No War Against Russia — Our War Is Here at Home Against the Establishment UPDATE 1

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President Donald Trump

Trump’s election saved world from great war – Kusturica

Trump faces American ‘war-making machine’ if he tries to strike deal with Russia – Pilger

Trump’s speech ‘declaration of war against political establishment’

Trump taking office spells end to world order of 20th century – German FM Steinmeier

UPDATE 2: Donald Trump creates his own problems, but he is being set up for failure.

SPECIAL: Trump Trips; Preibus-Spicer Betrayal; Deception, “Gaslighting,” and Lies –The War Between Two Alternative Forms of Fake News

UPDATE 1: Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer are helping Trump self-destruct, with malice aforethought. Both should be dismissed. For what Trump needs to do, apart from finding a competent loyal Chief of Staff and a competent loyal Press Secretary, see

Robert Steele: Trump’s Unforced Errors – Is Preibus Our Judas?

Phi Beta Iota: Donald Trump is at risk of neutralization and will remain so until such time as he learns about the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 as the means by which he buries the two party tyranny, makes peace with the 74% who did not vote for him, frees the Members from fear of blackmail by CIA and NSA as well as dependency on financial bribes from industry. Reince Priebus, specifically, if keeping from Donald Trump the obvious solution precisely because it would disembowel the Republican Party of which Priebus is an earnest foot-soldier.

See Especially:

Robert Steele: Donald Trump, The Accidental President — Under Siege! A Soft Coup Rages within a Closed Rigged System…

Robert Steele: RIGGED – Twelve Ways the Two-Party Tyranny Rigs the US Electoral System to Block Out Independents, Small Parties, and 70% of the Eligible Voters

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