Glistening Deepwater: Piloting the Planet

Earth Intelligence
Glistening Deepwater

Who Will Pilot the Planet to Safety?

Our planet is being poorly managed to the detriment of all living beings, a situation which must be faced head on if humanity hopes to continue to exist into the long term. Whilst this may at face value seem an extreme position, there is in fact a body of considered research in a number of fields to back up the statement. The working title of this project suggests that, using the analogy of the earth as a life sustaining “space ship”, there appears to be no-one actively, consciously, or responsibly on the flight deck. What it seems we need is a process by which the guidance systems for continuance of higher intelligent life can be activated, and populated. This is a call to action for fellows and funding so this project can produce complete documentation as soon as possible.  Website:

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