Holocaust Inquiry II: The Video of Ernst Zundel – He Beat the Zionists in Court with Expert Witnesses

Cultural Intelligence

Phi Beta Iota: Please watch the entire video. The testimony by the expert witness is particularly compelling. Most of the Jews who died appear to have died by the hand of US allies whose bombing — including the Dresden bombing — killed millions. The actual gas numbers appear to be no less than 277,000 and no more than 1.5 million. As Zundel has suggested often, the Holocaust — which did occur but with the explicit complicity of Jewish leaders and bankers who refused to pay the agreed exit fee for all Jews who were free to leave — has became a massive propaganda exercise that is used as an extortion racket. The complicity of the US Government is allowing this man to be renditioned from his home in the USA, where he finally settled after his decades-long stand on historical truth, is outrageous. He has been beaten, bombed, arsoned, smeared, vilified, imprisoned 17 times, targeted for assassination at least 4 times, and  politically kidnapped in 2003 in broad daylight on American soil, thrown into prisons in three countries on two continents – and banned forever from living in America.

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