Robert Steele: Letter to New Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres

Advanced Cyber/IO, Ethics, Non-Governmental, Peace Intelligence
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Mr. Secretary-General,

If you will consider the two enclosures, there is an opportunity for you to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within ten to twenty years at a cost that is 10% to 20% the cost of the current industrial-proprietary-donor paradigm, while creating a public intelligence (decision-support) network that stops war and waste and instead creates infinite wealth with Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). President-Elect Donald Trump and his National Security Advisor Mike Flynn are pre-disposed toward this idea. With your help, if you familiarize yourself with the enclosed and bring this up in your first meeting with Donald Trump, I believe you will be the first Secretary-General actually able to create a prosperous world at peace. You could tell Donald Trump that with his help, you can strive to cut the UN budget and workforce by 50% over ten years – but you need his help. You could hand him this package if you wish – although Mike Flynn reached out to me in 2014 he is busy trying to stop a war with the Russians based on falsified intelligence. I would like to help you!


Robert Steele: Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) – Achieving the SDG Goals in a Fraction of the Time at a Fraction of the Price

Robert Steele: Open Source (Technologies) Agency

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