Steve Aftergood: CRS on Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens [from Earth — the ET Version is Classified and the President is Not Read In.,..]

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Steven Aftergood


The President seems to have broad statutory authority to exclude aliens from the United States, a new report from the Congressional Research Service says.

“On its face, [the Immigration and Nationality Act] would appear to give the President broad authority to preclude or otherwise restrict the entry into the United States of individual aliens or classes of aliens who are outside the United States and lack recognized ties to the country,” according to the report by Kate M. Manuel of CRS.

But that authority is not necessarily unlimited.

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Phi Beta Iota: Until we have an Electoral Reform Act, Congress will remain corrupt and will pass laws that are of, by, and for the special interests, which love illegal aliens who can be abused and even enslaved (and for the many orphan children, pedophiled and snuffed). Most US taxpayers are not aware that not only are we allowing tens of thousands toward millions of illegal aliens without discrimination, but we also paying localities to take them in — the US taxpayer is paying for the dillution of the citizen pool and weakening of the economy at the bottom where unemployment is more than the average of 23%, and close to 40%.

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