Anthony Judge: Eradication as Genocide – Indians? Witches? Jews? Islamists? Are Smart People Next?

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Indians? Witches? Natives? Jews? Islamists? ETs?

Eradication as genocide — now and then?

The question is what is to be understood by “eradication” in contrast with previous exercises of that nature, as separately discussed (Eradication as the Strategic Final Solution of the 21st Century? 2014). Possibilities include:

  • “eradication” is to be skillfully nuanced as has been the case with the distinction between “enhanced interrogation” and “torture”.
  • the focus is on the threat of Islamic terrorists — jihadists — rather than on Islam in general. Clarification would then be required as to the justification of attempting to ban travel of Muslims from 7 countries to the USA (but not from other Islamic countries where jihadists presumably also reside)
  • careful distinction from the earlier threat constituted by witches and Native Americans in the USA, to say nothing of the more recent case of Japanese Americans (first framed by the threat of the so-called Yellow Peril) followed by that of Communism (exemplified by McArthyism).

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