Eagle: How Norway Avoided Becoming a Fascist State (But It Is Still a Vassal State to USA)

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How Norway Avoided Becoming a Fascist State

Instead of falling to the Nazi party, Norway broke through to a social democracy. Their history shows us polarization is nothing to despair over.

The key to avoiding fascism? An organized left with a strong vision and broad support.

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Phi Beta Iota: The article is delusional in thinking that it was the left that won anything. The Nordics represent a triumph of labor over capital. The US left — and US labor leaders and well as US religious leaders, both normally the key elements for unifying labor — are traitors to the US Constitution, hypocritical venal small minds best represented by Hillary Clinton…that is what the left in the US has become. We live in a two-party tyranny. The Republican Party is going to implode just as the Democratic Party imploded. Donald Trump has a choice: he can sit back and allow a violent American Spring to be funded by George Soros and others, or he can champion the Electoral Reform Act and restore integrity to our electoral process and our government, making evidence-based governance in the public interest the central manner in which we honor our Constitution and restore liberty and lawfulness for all.

In passing, Norway is a vassal state to the USA, and too accepting of US elective wars, regime change operations, mass surveillance (a great deal of which is based in Norway), and blind acceptance of NATO and the false need to have US troops all over the country. Norway needs to throw the US out and become a center of intelligence with integrity.

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