Robert Steele: Donald Trump – STRIKE THREE

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

With a sigh, I believe President Donald Trump is self-destructing.  His latest decision, to increase the Pentagon budget by $54 billion is not just stupid, it is dangerous — like pouring gasoline on a fire. I will give Herbert Raymond McMaster, his so-called National Security Advisor the benefit of the doubt — anyone with intelligence and integrity would have told Trump that 50% of the Pentagon is fraud, waste, and abuse, and that we should be cutting the military budget by 30% at the same time that we restructure diplomacy, defense, development, and commerce (D3C) so as to be effective as exercising global power — a 3 million soldier army based at home, a long-haul Air Force able to deliver a heavy Army anywhere within a week, and a 450 ship Navy. So either President Trump did not consult McMaster (a good probability), or McMaster rolled over and played dead to what is assuredly the most idiotic decision President Trump has made to date.

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I am updating my negative prognosis on the  Trump Presidency. I am adding David Stockman’s warning as the fourth track of the Deep State against Donald Trump, and adding a fifth track, Trump himself.

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