Victurus Libertas: Steele Speaks – Questions


Questions Below the Fold, Answers Tomorrow

You seem to be the first substantive former CIA officer to really shed light on Lolita Island. We understand Jeffery Epstein was working with Mossad and Lolita Island was basically an extortion operation in which prominent politicians were to be videotaped while engaging in sexual relations with under-aged boys and girls. We hear Chuck Schumer, Bill Clinton, and even Kevin Spacey were compromised. Is Mossad currently using these videos to blackmail high ranking senators and congressmen?

I heard you say in another interview, there were “NO NAME hotels” and restaurants in Washington DC where you can actually order children off the menu… Is one of those restaurants Comet Ping Pong? Are you familiar with Comet Ping Pong?

There has been a push to arrest low level pedophiles since President Trump has taken office, when can we expect some “Big Fish” arrests?

We are all curious to know if you think Sessions will open a formal investigation into Pedo-gate, or if, secretly, maybe he already has?

Do you see the Intelligence Community as being in the midst of a civil war now? In your opinion, is this Government inter-departmental bickering or is this the shadow Government fighting tooth and nail to keep its stranglehold on power?

FBI anon stated on 4chan that Cicada 3301 was a pentagon program but that it started out when a high ranking CIA officer stumbled upon a “creative” who seemed to be able to forecast events before they happened. Can you shed some light on this?

Do you have any updates on Julianne Assange or Ben Swann? Do you know if Wikileaks has been compromised?

Wikileaks started posting hints about Vault 7 in early Feb, three weeks after Cicada 3301 posted a puzzle that had the number 7 as its core hint. Obviously, they are connected since Wikileaks is now posting Cicada like puzzles. What are your thoughts on this? Is the goal of your work and others to inform the people how to think independently?

Are we headed for some type of populist civil war? There is such division. FBI anon told us that the shadow Government fears the day we stop fighting each other and focus on THEM. What are your thoughts on this?

The American people fear we are being lied to, and the agenda of the elites is to engage Russia in a hot war. Schumer, McCain, Graham, Waters, Pelosi, they all seem thirsty to see us engaged in a war that would be brutal for the people but good for their pocketbooks. Is there a movement among you and other patriotic IC’s to try and prevent this war?

The American Revolution was sparked by less than a hundred people. Sam Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson etc. How many people besides you are actively engaged in trying to free America from the stranglehold of the deep state?

It seems to us that you, FBI anon, the Pentagon insider we communicate with, and others now realize the true power of citizen journalism, the digital investigations of Voat, the true power of the people. When did you realize the internet could play such a large role in allowing citizens to force Government into accountability?

Much has been made of the connections between mainstream media and CIA – are CNN, NY Times, Washington Post and Huffington Post actually psyops?

Is it true Hillary has been trying to leave the country?

If you could give Trump advice right now, what would you tell him to be wary of? How should he deal with John Brennan?

What are your thoughts on Comey? Should Comey stay? And why?

What about Obama? What is his agenda right now- does he have an agenda?

You gave an interview in which you said Pedo-Gate is not new and there has been a long history of pedophilia connected to power. I heard you say pedophilia is an – you called it an “ELITE PRIVILEGE”. Are the DC police covering up Pedo-Gate? Do the DC police act as a private paramilitary force for our senators, congressmen and lobbyists? Should they be investigated?

You have said FBI is “theatrics” and that they have not been allowed to do their job. Do you think Trump will allow them to do their job?

Who do you think is the mole leaking information from the Trump administration? Do you think there are more than one?

I can’t let you go without talking about Soros. What do you know about him? I heard you call him a “DEAD MAN WALKING” because the public is learning all of the evil acts he has been behind- do you think he’s behind all the riots going on since Trump has taken office? What about reports of the rioters and protesters being paid and bussed in? Do you agree with the reports that Soros was behind that, as well?

How can we help, Robert? If we created a citizen detective agency and recruited the many investigators we have in our network, would you be interested in helping us? It could mean that you suddenly have literally a 1000 citizen investigators at your beck and call. What are your thoughts on that?

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