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Information Wars: Wikipedia Suppression of SouthFront

A few days ago Wikipedia announced its intention to remove its entry on SouthFront explaining it had an issue with the pro-Russian position of the project. The decision implies that entries on CNN, Euronews, RT, Russia Insider, Belingcat and several other contemporary information activities ought to be removed. Politicized efforts to limit information by Wikipedia hurt not so much the SouthFront project but rather the idea of free access to knowledge from various points of view.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Morons in Wikipedia management — including explicitly Jimmy Wales who is vastly more corrupt than most people realize (and also built Wikipedia on someone else's brilliance) — destroyed five days work when I first built the Open Source Intelligence page with links to original work by over 200 international practitioners. These idiots claimed  that because all of the (200+) works were stored at, I was “self-promoting” a single website. Such idiocy is now widespread, but even worse, no information system — least of all Google, Facebook, or Twitter, is under honest management. The censorship and chipping away against information sources and views that the idiots in charge somehow think they are qualified to question or manipulate (as in Clinton is NOT a criminal and Trump IS Hitler, the Google standard) make me sick to my stomach. I strongly believe that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be opening a RICO (Racketeering) investigation against Eric Schmidt, George Soros, and Lynn  Rothschild, all of whom fund variations of censorship programs and fake news against Russia and more. All organizations in the USA that receive funding from foreign powers — notably Saudi Arabia, Israel — should be declared agents of a foreign power and forfeit all non-profit privileges. We need a new Internet that cannot be censored. Donald Trump has the capacity to do that, but he does not have anyone with a big enough vision or the broad technical understanding necessary to address this local to global need.

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