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Alternative (Aka Fake) News Not Going Anywhere

The article titled The Rise of Fake News Amidst the Fall of News Media on Silicon Valley Watcher makes a convincing argument that fake news is the inevitable result of the collective failure to invest in professional media. The author, Tom Foremski, used to write for the Financial Times. He argues that the almost ongoing layoffs among professional media organizations such as the New York Times, Salon, The Guardian, AP, Daily Dot, and IBT illustrate the lack of a sustainable business model for professional news media. The article states,

People won’t pay for the news media they should be reading but special interest groups will gladly pay for the media they want them to read. We have important decisions to make about a large number of issues such as the economy, the environment, energy, education, elder healthcare and those are just the ones that begin with the letter “E” — there’s plenty more issues. With bad information we won’t be able to make good decisions. Software engineers call this GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.

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Phi Beta Iota: The USA is over-invested in spies and secrecy, rote education, and research toward waging war. It is under-invested in critical thinking skills, truthful information, and research toward waging peace and achieving prosperity without incurring all the true costs (waste) characteristic of the Western way. Education, intelligence, and research are a continuum, and how they are directed determines the future of any nation.

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